Our fragile sea dunes provide invaluable protection for:

  • The Beach!!
  • Nesting Sea Turtles
  • Native Wildlife & Ecosystems
  • Homes & Businesses
  • Scenic A1A
  • Future Storms


        Typical Flagler Beach Sea Dune




Respect. Restore. Revive.

The natural sand dunes that line the gorgeous shores along Highway A1A are more than massive piles of wind-blown sand. Natural dunes play a much larger part in our lives than the average beach-goer might expect, which is why we have to do everything we can to protect them. Our coastal lifestyle depends on the natural dunes for a variety of reasons. They provide the first line of defense against ocean storms for our homes, restaurants and hotels as well as inland and coastal ecosystems. 

Helping protect our dunes is easier than you think!



The two most important things you need to know are:

  • Make sure you “Dodge the Dunes” by avoiding any walking, parking or driving on any grass or plants on the east side of A1A. Florida State Statute 161.053, Flagler Beach City Ordinance 5.02.04.
  • Only access the beach using the approved stairs and access points. Do not walk, slide, jump or throw items down the dunes.

We need your help to continue to restore our shore and we must protect the dunes so they can protect us - do your part to help! It’s the law!